"I met with Michael at the Senior Market Expo in Vegas 2 weeks ago. I was very interested in the Roth IRA Conversion software and installed the 7-day free trial when I returned. I attended one of your webinars and "played" with the software for a while. I do regular seminars and at last night's event I featured the Roth IRA Conversion Analysis to the attendees. I put sample print-outs at each table and it did create tremendous interest. I was a able to obtain many appointments with perspective clients to do an analysis for them. Your software did the job to create the interest now it's up to me to convert the "prospects" to "clients." It's great to work with a company that stands behind it's products."
"Thanks for your support."

— Rich Greenberg

  "We’ve just purchased the Roth IRA software for our CPA firm. It looks so much better than anything else we’ve been able to find to help determine the impact of a Roth IRA conversion. As the webinar points out, there’s much more to the calculation than other calculators utilize. We had considered creating our own template, but ImagiSOFT has done it for us, along with providing a visual presentation of results that are understandable by our clients. This software allows for much necessary customization for each individual client. We especially like being able to see where the numbers came from. With other calculators, you simply had to trust that they came up with correct numbers. From the minimal input data those other programs asked for, we knew there was no way we could place any confidence in their results. ImagiSOFT’s Roth IRA conversion software is what we were hoping to find."

— Vera M. Potash, CPA

"I moved $225,000 on 1 appointment yesterday. 9 accounts and $1100 a month flow between 1 couple yesterday in a 3 hour appointment. I broke my own record, bringing me to 1.5 Million in 4 months using the IMAGISOFT STRS Software!"

Thank You

— Angelo Morales Sr.

"If you are going to be a multi-million dollar annuity producer, you must act like, look like, and use the tools that successful annuity producers use. This is why I recommend IMAGISOFT's Annuity Marketing System in my MVP - Most Valuable Producer's Club".

— Steve DeJohn, Principal Dressander & Associates FMO

"I love it! I use the STRS Software in every sale. In 10 minutes, my clients have a good projection of their retirement cash flow, and the actions they need to take today to fill the cash flow gap and to achieve their goals."

— Dennis Ludwig

"The STRS software worked the first time I used it. My first sale resulted in a $100,000 rollover. It is a super tool that I recommend to everyone in the 403(b) business. It only takes one extra sale a year to pay for it. It's inexpensive!"

— Dick Mattox

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