ImagiSOFT History

Established in 1982 by Michael J. Prestwich, a seasoned life insurance agent and producer trainer, ImagiSOFT emerged as a response to the growing need for innovative software in the insurance market. Michael, driven by the scarcity of suitable software for life insurance products, rallied a team of developers and collaborated with actuaries at United Presidential Life. Their joint efforts culminated in the creation of the in what we believe to be the first Universal Life illustration system compatible with IBM PC, Radio Shack TRS-80, and Apple II computers.

life insurance and annuity illustration systems

This pioneering software soon evolved, gaining traction among a dozen life insurance companies. ImagiSOFT tailored its offerings for each client, broadening its scope to encompass Term Life, Single Premium Whole Life, and Indexed Universal Life products.

The 1990s marked a significant transition for us, shifting from MS-DOS to Windows and introducing a highly efficient premium solve routine for Universal Life. Collaborations with Kemper Investors led to the development of comprehensive systems for Variable Annuities and 403(b) plans, enriching our software suite.

In 2002, we undertook a major overhaul, transitioning all our Windows applications to the Microsoft .Net Framework, our preferred development environment to this day. Our team expertly crafts every software component in-house, from data storage to graphic design and PDF report generation, ensuring full control, ownership, and enhanced security without the need for external licenses.

Focus on Annuities

Over the last two decades, our focus has shifted from life insurance to annuity products. Our Fixed Indexed Annuity Illustration System (FIA) now serves ten of the top FIA insurance carriers. Our Traditional Annuity (TA), Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA), Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA), Variable Annuity (VA), and Registered Index Linked Annuity (RILA) platforms are equally acclaimed. We host these web-based solutions, including this cost in our annual licensing.

A key benefit of the Microsoft .Net framework is its ability to segregate input, computation, data management, and printing functions. Our Auto-Illustration feature is highly sought after, allowing seamless integration of data into our calculation and printing engines to produce instant PDF illustrations. This function is compatible with various platforms, including Salesforce.

Our dedicated development team has been a cornerstone of ImagiSOFT for over 30 years, delivering unparalleled software solutions at competitive prices. If you're considering a new Life Insurance or Annuity Illustration System, please contact our support team at (877) 510-4702 or use the chat feature on this page. They will ensure I personally respond to your inquiry.

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Michael J. Prestwich,
President and Founder
ImagiSOFT, Inc.