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Your clients who have reached at least age 72 in 2022 and have IRA or 401(k) plans have an urgent reason to meet with you early in 2023: The Required Minimum Distribution rules have changed, and many websites and RMD letters from financial institutions will dispense outdated information. The confusion is even worse now that SECURE Act 2.0 has been enacted. IRS penalties have changed, the "10 Year Rule" has become the 9-Year Rule, and more. It is all in the software update. Don't wait for your clients to call you when they receive conflicting information -- set appointments with them now. (Be sure to order the software first.)

Use ImagiSOFT's RMD Software to give clients authoritative RMD calculations and

  • review their IRA accumulation balances
  • ask them about asset reallocation
  • determine if their beneficiary designations are still current
  • and discover whether they have other assets they want to place with your firm.
ImagiSOFT's RMD Software will help you stand out from financial advisors who may not provide these services.


Lower RMD Factors Beginning 2022. On November 12, 2020 the IRS released a 31-page Final Regulation titled "Updated Life Expectancy and Distribution Period Tables Used for Purposes of Determining Minimum Required Distributions" that is effective January 1, 2022. ImagiSOFT's RMD calculator now uses these new factors, but also supports prior-year factors and formulas. See the sample 2022 RMD report.
The line "Divided by factor from 2022 IRS Uniform Lifetime Table for age 73 - 26.5" tells you the name of the IRS Table and the income factor (the earlier table, 2002, has a factor of 24.7).


See our RMD Calculation Guide for examples of RMD calculations before and after the SECURE Act. See our SECURE Act 2.0 Test Cases that use and give descriptions of the 2023 rules.
  Pre-2020 RMD Calculation 2020 RMD Calculation
  pre-2020 RMD Calculation 2020 RMD Calculation
  RMD Starts at Age 70½ RMD Starts at Age 72
(for planholders born after June 30, 1949)
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  IMAGISOFT RMD Software will help you:
  RMD Software  - IRA Required Minimum Distributions Help you understand the new RMD rules (See our RMD Calculation Guide)
  RMD Software  - IRA Required Minimum Distributions Give your clients an authoritative report with an accurate RMD calculation
  RMD Software  - IRA Required Minimum Distributions Securely enter, store, and retrieve client RMD information (see License Agreement Confidential Information)
  RMD Software  - IRA Required Minimum Distributions Help your clients save taxes, avoid IRS penalties, and ensure their IRA doesn't run out of money
  RMD Software  - IRA Required Minimum Distributions Keep in touch with clients by emailing RMD reports annually

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