Personal Income Generating Machine

Present a Rollover IRA—
If your client's 401(k) does not offer all these benefits:

  • Generates income for planholder's entire lifetime using IRS RMD factors. Yes
  • Can provide guaranteed lifetime income for both planholder and spouse. Definitely No
  • Avoids an enormous income tax loss at planholder's death (see page 4 of report). Generally No
  • Ensures continued lifetime income to spouse after planholder's passing. Generally No
  • Transfers plan assets to non-spouse beneficiaries after planholder's death with a 10-year payout. Yes
  • Uncomplicated, worry-free, safe, low fees, personalized service. Generally No
  • Potential for total payout to be several times the initial IRA rollover amount. Yes

The Personal Income Generating Machine software empowers you to effectively convey all these benefits with this easy-to-understand sample illustration showcasing an IRA Rollover using a Fixed Index Annuity product illustrated at 5.00% interest.

If you're endorsing products that necessitate broker-dealer approval, guide the compliance department to this webpage. Encourage them to scrutinize this sample report illustrating an IRA Rollover with a hypothetical investment visualized with an 8.00% return and this FINRA compliance approval letter.

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