Personal Income Generating Machine Software
Personal Income Generating Machine
Why Clients Should Rollover Their 401(k) to an IRA With You
    •  Generates income for planholder's entire lifetime
    •  Automatically avoids an enormous potential income tax loss at planholder's death
    •  Continues lifetime income to spouse after planholder's death
    •  Transfers plan assets to heirs after planholder passes away with a 10-year payout?
    •  Uncomplicated, worry-free, safe, income tax efficient
    •  A total payout that may be several times the initial investment

The Personal Income Generating Machine software will help you present all of the above with this easy to understand sample report (Fixed Index Annuity product illustrated).

If you recommend products that require broker-dealer approval, point the compliance department to this page and have them review this sample report (hypothetical investment with 6.00% return illustrated) and this FINRA compliance approval letter. Our Personal Income Generating Machine Software answers all six FINRA concerns when presenting the required minimum distribution concept.
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