IMAGISOFT has over 25 years experience developing Annuity Illustration Software. Using Microsoft's .NET Platform, IMAGISOFT has created the most powerful and flexible illustration system on the market. Our DataNet framework allows complete data access between multiple Illustration calculators. Never again will agents have to enter client information multiple times. Integrated electronic forms allow for error free and guaranteed complete applications. Using our internet update technology, not only will agents have the most accurate and up-to-date interest rate and state approval product information, but seamless and automatic error reporting, including self repair. Instead of calling support, the agent can have the software repair itself in the unlikely event of a corrupted installation.

IMAGISOFT Annuity Illustration Software offers the following advantages:
Annuity Illustration Software Easy to learn data entry screens
Annuity Illustration Software Complies with NAIC requirements
Annuity Illustration Software Automated Internet Update System with Error Reporting and Self Repair
Annuity Illustration Software Quality 3D Color Graphs
Annuity Illustration Software Fast Calculations
Annuity Illustration Software Small Size -- Fast Internet Download
Annuity Illustration Software Print Preview and available PDF capture of all Illustrations and Reports
Annuity Illustration Software Support for Traditional Single Premium, Flexible Premium, Immediate, Deferred, and Equity Indexed Annuity Products.
Annuity Illustration Software Built on Microsoft's .NET platform for portability between both desktop and internet application.
Annuity Illustration Software Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7

  For Custom Sales Force Enterprise Illustration Systems, please contact us for an online demonstration of the DataNet platform and our .NET based Annuity Illustration Systems.


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