Stretch IRA Software - Stretch IRA Calculator
Stretch IRA Software - Stretch IRA Calculator

Michael J. Prestwich
and Founder
Split, or "Laddered" Annuity Concept
ImagiSOFT Stretch IRA Software
9-minute video
How to Reduce Income Rider Fees and Increase Your Client's Total Payout
ImagiSOFT Stretch IRA Software
4-Minute Video
Do You Want to Pay Uncle Sam, or Would You Rather Pay Yourself?
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Split Annuity Software Demonstrates Higher Cash Accumulation, Guaranteed Income, Powerful Tax Advantages, and Safety of Annuity Products.

  In the past ten years millions of seniors have retreated to safe money havens only to be disappointed by the effects of high income taxes and low interest rates. With the combination of annuity products your clients may:
  • Accumulate more cash
  • Lock in a guaranteed lifetime income stream
  • Lower income taxes - often dramatically
  • Provide a high degree of safety
  • Provide a guaranteed interest rate floor

Order Software 30 day money back guarantee. ImagiSOFT's Flexible Income Stream software is only $400 annually.
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