Insurance Carriers

The first company to develop universal life illustration software on a PC, we swiftly developed a comprehensive suite of life and annuity product illustrations for major insurance carriers. Looking for a new life or annuity illustration system? You're in the right place.


ImagiSOFT's suite of financial calculators has been crafted in response to the needs of insurance agents, marketing firms, and financial planners. Our financial calculators are constantly changing to meet the ever-changing demands of the financial services industry and include the following:

Our Personal Income Generating Machine, a key part of our IRA Rollover System, has been instrumental for numerous financial advisors in demonstrating the advantages of an IRA over a 401(k) for income transfer to spouses or children post-retirement.

Essential for financial advisors handling retirement plans, our Required Minimum Distribution Calculator (RMD) accurately computes distributions in compliance with the complexities of both SECURE Act 1.0 and 2.0 provisions.

The Roth IRA Conversion Calculator assists financial advisors in evaluating whether clients should pre-pay income taxes on retirement plan assets to secure tax-free growth on these funds indefinitely.

For clients under 59½ seeking penalty-free withdrawals from their qualified retirement plans, our 72(t) Substantially Equal Periodic Payments software provides a reliable solution to navigate these transactions.

The Social Security Calculator serves as an ideal tool for engaging prospective clients nearing retirement. It compares the financial implications of starting Social Security benefits at age 62, full retirement age, or delaying until age 70.

Financial planners understand the importance of mitigating risks, both in terms of investment losses and the risk of outliving one's resources. Our Life Expectancy Report provides a comprehensive analysis on this topic.

For clients with access to a qualified workplace retirement plan, IRA contributions might not be tax-deductible. Our IRA Deduction Analysis tool accurately calculates these annually changing deduction limits, ensuring informed decision-making.

For non-profit organizations, particularly school districts offering 403(b) retirement plans, understanding contribution limits, paycheck tax savings, and enhanced retirement values is crucial. Our Straight Talk Retirement System comprehensively illustrates these key aspects, aiding employees in informed retirement planning.