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Multi-Generational Income Generating Machine
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84-Year Income Machine
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Only $400 Annually!
Ask a grandparent this question:
"How would you like to convert your current retirement account into an Income Generating Machine that sends you a monthly paycheck for your lifetime, the lifetime of your spouse, and the lifetimes of each child and grandchild?"

Retirees share several concerns:
    1)  They do not want to run out of money before they die
    2)  They do not want their surviving spouse to run out of money
    3)  They want to be remembered by their children and grandchildren after they are gone
    4)  They want to pay lower income taxes
    5)  They want the maximum payout from their retirement assets

ImagiSOFT's Multi-Generational Income Generating Machine Software produces an easy-to understand illustration that addresses all of these concerns. Present the Income Generating Machine to every prospective customer and watch their excitement when they realize how they can use their IRA assets to provide a secure future for themelves, their children, and grandchildren.

If you are recommending products that require broker-dealer approval, point the compliance department to this page and have them review this sample report and this FINRA compliance approval letter. Our Stretch IRA Software answers all six FINRA concerns when recommending the Stretch or Multi-Generational IRA concept.

Presenting the Income Generating Machine to prospective customers will help you differentiate your personal expertise and service as Jeff Henson testifies at the bottom of this page and others verify in their TrustPilot reviews.
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