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  IMAGISOFT Press Release
  IMAGISOFT Launches Digital Smart Forms for Life Insurance and Annuity Illustration Systems
  New software helps companies streamline the sales process, reduce product issue costs
  Albuquerque, NM - November 15, 2004:  Today IMAGISOFT launched its Digital Smart Forms for its life insurance and annuity illustration system. See Example

"Providing their sales force with Digital Forms is the next logical step for many life insurance, annuity, and mutual fund companies." said Mike Prestwich, IMAGISOFT president and founder. "Most companies have been waiting for a cost effective method to electronically implement each step of the sales process in a user-friendly manner that agents will use and understand. After six years of research and development, we have it ready."

"Agents know how to fill out a paper life insurance application. If the digital version doesn't look and act like the paper version, agents won't use it." This statement by IMAGISOFT chief software architect, David Sanders, has been the guiding light for the development of IMAGISOFT Digital Smart Forms.

IMAGISOFTdeveloped Digital Smart Forms because few "off the shelf" e-forms software products can handle the complex problems and legal requirements of a life insurance application. For example, every life insurance application has the question, "Will proposed insurance replace any existing life policy?" If the agent answers "yes" to this question, the software must attach a new form with a whole new set of inputs.

IMAGISOFT Digital Smart Forms has the following features:

  • Data Flow: Data flows seamlessly from the client management system -- to the life insurance illustration system -- to the e-forms system.
  • Smart Forms: The e-forms software gathers all necessary documents to close the sale. Applicable fields are pre-filled from data collected in the client management and illustration systems.
  • Rigid Rule Set: Each document must be fully completed before an electronic signature will be allowed on the page. Once signed, no changes are allowed.
  • Virtual Paper: Every document looks like its paper equivalent. The page is sizable so that the applicant and agent can easily read each question.
  • Digital Signature: Life insurance illustrations cannot be modified once the application process has begun. Data on the application cannot be changed after it has been electronically signed.
  • Data Transmission: Data is transmitted to the home office server in standard XML file format.
  • Cost Effective: One study by a major life insurance company found that e-forms reduced the cost of issuing each life insurance policy by $50 because it eliminated agent errors, postage costs, and manual data re-entry.

Interested companies should contact Michael J. Prestwich, IMAGISOFT president, ( to schedule an on-line software demonstration.

Originally incorporated under the name Specialists in Financial Planning, Incorporated, in 1982, IMAGISOFT, Inc. has developed software for more than thirty financial institutions.


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November 15, 2004
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